We Create Real Change.

By opening new doors of access to opportunities for all, we believe that we can accelerate the path towards a fulfilling future.

Activate Experiences. Accelerate Skills.

Advance People.

1.2 billion lives will forever change due to the unprecendented use of workplace automation technologies in the coming decade. Everyone will feel the impact: from young graduates embarking on their careers to working professionals in need of reskilling and upskilling. But how can we catch ourselves ahead of the problem? That’s the question founder Sundar Kumarasmy tackled when establishing Excelerate in 2022.
Learning and adaptation are the only ways that we can take on this challenge and maintain our relevance in the workplace of the future. Each one of us must become a lifelong learner and we must continuously improve.
During his past two decades as a Senior Leader in institutions such as Northeastern, observed firsthand the complex challenges that learners, employers and institutions face in bridging this skill gap, which is why Excelerate was born.
Excelerate provides the critically important pathway to access and opportunity for all. It removes barriers and boundaries to success. It accelerates the journey to a rewarding career. And it will prepare all of today’s learners for career achievements throughout their lifetime.