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Excelerate is a global hub for career experiences, empowering your future readiness through experiential opportunities.

Excelerate empowers Excellers with personalised experiences, global internships, and essential 21st-century skills, while connecting you with future employers and exploring unique career paths. With Excelerate  you can gain skills to thrive in global dynamic economy while also getting the opportunity to earn microscholarships along the way.

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Upon Completion, gain badges and credentials to showcase your achievements

Micro Scholarships for successful completion


Micro Scholarships for successful completion, which can be redeemed with the opportunity sponsor.


Excelerate empowers learners with personalised experiences
Excelerate bridges the gap between employers and talented individuals, establishing an early talent pipeline. By partnering with Excelerate, employers can access future-ready talent with verified skills and hands-on experience.

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Share Your Business Challenges

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Our platform empowers educators and institutions with turnkey experiences to bridge the skill gap and boost your reach, recruitment, retention, and reputation enabling institutional growth.

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global career readiness along with learner progress

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existing experiential opportunities by providing micro scholarships


existing experiential opportunities by providing micro scholarships

Excelerate by sharing with your students

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Virtual Internships

Gain hands-on experience in a four-week project, partnering with employers to develop future-ready skills.
Virtual Internships with hands-on experience
Connect learners with personalized experiences


Connecting learners with industry experts, fostering personal and professional growth.


Compete with learners from around the globe to showcase your skills and talent.

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Power Skill Courses
Refine essential 21st-century skills efficiently with Excelerate’s short, flexible learning modules.
21st-century skills building efficiently
Take your abilities to the next level with Excelerate’s expert-led, intensive sessions.
global education with intensive sessions

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Through Excelerate, we open new doors of access to experiential opportunities for all learners regardless of their past experience, gender, age or geography and allow them to embark on a journey to a rewarding future.

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