Our Story

1.2 billion lives will change forever due to workplace automation technology. Everyone, from fresh graduates to working professionals, will feel the impact. How can we get ahead of this challenge? That’s the question founder Sundar Kumarasamy tackled when establishing Excelerate in 2022. Learning and adaptation are the only ways to stay relevant in the workplace of the future. We all must become lifelong learners and continuously improve.

With two decades of experience as a Senior Leader in institutions like Northeastern, Sundar Kumarasamy observed the complex challenges faced by learners, employers, and institutions in bridging the skills gap. This inspired the birth of Excelerate, aiming to provide a critical pathway to access and opportunity for all. It removes barriers, accelerates career development, and prepares learners for lifelong success.

Excelerate, powered by VEmpower Global Strategy Services LLC FZ, is an experiential learning platform offering personalized experiences and internships to help learners build the skills needed for a rewarding future.

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Our mission

Building Bridges to
Bright Futures
At Excelerate, our mission is to empower learners, institutions, and employers by providing transformative experiential opportunities. We believe in unlocking doors of access to opportunities for all, connecting them to their future careers, aspirations, and success.Through our curated and customizable platform, individuals can explore, engage, and express their passions, advancing towards their goals and aspirations.
Empowering Growth, Fostering Innovation, Shaping a Limitless Futures

Our Vision

Empowering Growth, Fostering Innovation, Shaping a Limitless Futures
Our vision is to be the leading global platform for personalised and transformative learning experiences. We envision a future where individuals from all walks of life can access top-tier resources and expert guidance, enabling them to embrace their full potential and excel in their careers. We strive to build a dynamic community of lifelong learners, fostering innovation, collaboration, and positive change in the world. With our transformative platform, we envision a world where every individual has the tools and opportunities to shape a better tomorrow.

Activate Experiences.Accelerate Skills.Advance People.

Excelerate Enables Learners to Identify their GPS

G: Goals for their career and future
Learners to identify their GPS
Sundar Formal BG - Founder and CEO of Excelerate

About Sundar

Sundar Kumarasamy is a prominent figure in higher education and enrollment management, known for his innovative leadership. With over 25 years of experience, he has notably transformed student experiences worldwide. As the Founder and CEO of Excelerate, a pioneering experiential learning  platform, Sundar focuses on providing equitable access to diverse learners, offering experiential opportunities that cultivate skills essential for success in the modern professional landscape. His accomplishments include achieving remarkable application boosts and improved selectivity rates during his tenure at Northeastern University, along with groundbreaking innovations in student engagement technology at The University of Dayton. Sundar’s visionary leadership and strategic initiatives have reshaped student recruitment and engagement strategies, contributing to positive change in education and lifelong learning.

Sundar Kumarasamy is a visionary leader in higher education and enrollment management, celebrated for his transformative impact. As the Founder and CEO of Excelerate, he strives to ensure access to inclusive learning experiences for all learners, emphasizing skills vital in the 21st century workforce. With a record of success, including significantly increased applications and selectivity rates at Northeastern University and innovative engagement technology at The University of Dayton, Sundar has left a lasting mark on student recruitment. His strategic initiatives, such as a 4-year tuition plan and free textbooks, have redefined education strategies. Sundar’s commitment to lifelong learning and his role as a mentor reflect his dedication to empowering individuals for meaningful careers and societal contributions.

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