Experiential Edge

The gap between the world of learning and work is real.
New hires lack skills and require
substantial training
Creating a sustainable talent pipeline of
qualified candidates
Meeting diversity and inclusion goals, injection of fresh thinking
Educational Institutions
Adapting to students’ ever-changing expectations around career outcomes and employability
Attracting more & more diverse students to expand the reach of the university
Delivering an equitable experience to all students and learners
Experiential learning helps universities and businesses stay ahead of modern challenges.

Activate Experiences. Accelerate Skills.

Advance People.

21st century skills are essential for the ever-evolving world with big disruptions in our healthcare, sciences and economies, making learners ready to tackle any upcoming challenges with confidence.
Experiential Learnings or “Learning by Doing” bolsters these skills. Excelerate offers unique learning opportunities like internships, events and competitions to take you to the next level.

Supercharge Your Institution with the
Experiential EDGE


Provide opportunities for diverse learners, from local to global.


Create early talent pipeline with experiences and verified skills.


Engage continuously with current and potential talent.


Build your brand loyalty with future learners and talent.